What We Know So Far

What you think you may know

Birdseed is how birds train humankind to create an illusion of altruism. Each time a bird takes a bit it is actually a check in for how a human is responding to their environmental conditions. This ensures that birds have a consistent routine to ensure that accuracy of information collection. This allows their superiors to keep in check any humans that would potentially endanger the projects progression. If a human steps out of line the protocol for reintroduction is activated and a human is overcome by a sudden feeling of tiredness and sluggishness from the residual powder in birdseed bags being inhaled. It only lasts a short period of time.Within this period of time there is an injection of a chemical cocktail to be observed into the bloodstream to allow easy passage through the blood brain barrier. As the cocktail works its way into the cerebellum to alter our preception of fear and emotional response the next area it will pass through areas without effecting Procedural Memory functions.The next region this chemical serum passes through is the medial temporal lobe.

Within the next region the cocktail starts to latch onto the neurons and the glial cells that contribute to cellular destruction within the formation of new neural connections as humans age over time.This region of the brain helps with the formation of new memory and if there is a noted response in activation during a dream state of birds being recognized as not biological organisms it activates the destructive cellular behavior of glial cells while keeping intact long term memories of childhood and unconcious ability to do physical tasks.This allows the birds to maintain a relative distance from revealing their true nature without having a larger facade.